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Making Bonsai is not only technical skill, but dedication and spiritual and emotional growth of both the plant and the person who cares for it.
Each specimen is therefore a unique expression, a symbol of the union between man and nature, a fundamental aspect of this ancient art.
We want to convey this passion to our customers in a search for the beauty of creation.

About Us

Gianfranco Rossi,
founder Spazio Bonsai

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Basic Technique Course

With this course you will be able to acquire the knowledge to keep the bonsai healthy and learn how to shape the plant respecting its nature.

Advanced Technique Course

Do you want to continue after the basic course? Spazio Bonsai offers the possibility of an advanced annual course 2022/2023 16 lessons of 3/4 hours on Saturday and Sunday Lessons will take place all year round except for the months of: December 2022, January 2022, July 2023, August 2023 Plants, bonsai, prebonsai and all materials are not included in the cost. Total cost €500.00

4 and 5 November workshops with Marc Noelanders

The usual appointment with the artist Marc Noelanders will be held at the Spazio Bonsai Garden Center Scarpellini in Cesena from 09.30 to 17.30. His initiative gave birth to the Noelanders Trophy in 2000, a show and competition for quality bonsai recognized all over the world.

Japanese juniper

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