Japanese red maple

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Scopri più informazioni sul Bonsai Acero Rosso giapponese (Acer Palmatum) e sulla cura e manutenzione di questo bonsai.
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Details of the bonsai
Bonsai typeAcer Palmatum Momiji
Bonsai styleGrove "yose-ue"
Height without pot34 cm
Height with pot38 cm
Length40 cm
Depth30 cm
Nebari21 cm
Photo periodFall
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Vase details
Vase typeChinese vase
Vase authorN/D
Length24 cm
Depth16 cm
Height4 cm
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Bonsai maintenance
ExposureIn autumn and winter, the Japanese maple likes a bright and sunny outdoor location. Protect the bonsai from winter and late frosts. In spring, when new leaves appear, it is advisable to place the plant in the shade, protected from the dry wind and the scorching sun.
WateringWatering is the most complex part to manage, both the excess and the lack of water, in fact, are the most frequent causes of a failed cultivation. Water the plant when the soil is almost dry - visibly and to the touch. In the summer, the Japanese maple may need repeated watering as well.