Biogold Original 5Kg

The entirely organic ingredients of Biogold Original make it safe and easy to use on all types of plants, both garden and potted. With its ideal balance of key nutrients, enriched with natural vitamins and minerals, it remains the internationally preferred fertilizer for amateur and professional growers.
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Suitable for all kinds of plants. The balanced combination of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in Biogold Original provides everything your plants need for healthy and vigorous growth. Indeed, Biogold Original contains a complete range of nutrients and trace elements (including calcium, magnesium, natural vitamins and other minerals). The slow release of nutrients minimizes the risk of overdosing. Its regular use nourishes the plants in a balanced and constant way, avoiding the development of pathogenic fungi in the soil.

Bonsai, poinsettia and indoor plants: with a 15cm pot, 15 granules are used

Orchids: with a 7cm pot, 3 granules are used


N-4/P-5/K-4 analysis
100% organic
Fast growing
Suitable for all kinds of plants
"Biogold Original" is ideal for bonsai, orchids, potted plants and vegetable gardens
It doesn't burn the roots