Bonsai mix

1.6 L Mediterranean Bonsai Soil
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Bonsai Mix is a professional substrate for bonsai composed of Akadama, coconut fibre, pumice, lava lapillus and vermicompost. Designed to offer nourishment, water retention and ventilation which are essential for the correct development of Mediterranean plants such as olive, carob, myrtle, bougainvillea, fig, holm oak, mulberry, pomegranate, etc... Bonsai Mix can be used as a substrate in any breeding and repotting technique thanks to the rich presence of high quality inerts. Bonsai Mix guarantees correct drainage thanks to the pumice and river sand which never flake over time, creating asphyxiating clays, and at the same time an excellent water retention capacity thanks to the presence of earthworm humus and lapilli. Bonsai Mix guarantees good oxygenation and good development of capillary roots, which are important in every bonsai