Cober Plus

Formulated on a water basis, it is made up of a highly concentrated complex mixture of plant extracts characterized by a characteristic anti-feeding effect. Cober® plus is not a pesticide, but is used in indirect control strategies of numerous parasites that infest herbaceous and tree crops, horticultural and industrial crops e ornamental plants. Thanks to its components, it has a "conditioning" effect on the soil or on the vegetation crop, which forces the parasite not to feed on the crop and to move away from it treated areas. Thereby Infestation control is obtained in a completely natural way and in the total absence of residues. The product is well tolerated by pollinating insects.
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Methods and doses of use
  • In the greenhouse
    200-250 ml/hl
    Weekly interventions as needed

  • In full field
    300 ml/hl
    Weekly interventions as needed

It is advisable to distribute the product with fan nozzles and in the coolest hours of the day. A good and uniform
distribution on the vegetation is essential to obtain the best results. Do not mix with products containing copper or