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EC fertilizer. Mixture of copper and zinc trace elements able to quickly correct situations of deficiency, even in the most severe cases. The special formulation process, which provides for a fermentation similar to that which occurs in nature ad work of some soil fungi, makes the trace elements in a readily available form This particular type of formulation ensures a high level of compatibility and rapid assimilation into the plant tissues, thanks to the low molecular weight It improves the physiological state of the crop and indirectly strengthens the plant, inducing greater resistance to stresses It can be used for foliar and/or radical application, remaining in the root area for about 2 weeks
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Fertilizer details

copper (Cu) soluble in water 2,0 %
zinc (Zn) soluble in water 4.0 %
FORMULATION liquid soluble
DENSITY 1.280 g/l
pH 1

Methods and doses of use

On pome fruits (but in particular) and table grapes it is advisable not to exceed the concentration, respectively, of the
0.25% (250 ml/hl) and 0.3% (300 ml/hl) in vegetation treatments. On grapevine do not exceed the concentration of the 0.5% (500 ml/hl) especially in the first spring interventions. For crops not expressly indicated on the label, carry out