Japanese beech

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Details of the bonsai
SpeciesBeech tree
Bonsai typeFagus Crenata
Bonsai styleFormal erect "chokkan"
Height without pot79 cm
Height with pot87 cm
Length100 cm
Depth88 cm
Nebari30 cm
Photo periodSummer
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Vase details
Vase typeJapanese vase
Vase authorN/D
Length60 cm
Depth45 cm
Height8 cm
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Bonsai maintenance
ExposureIt is usually good to grow it in partial shade thus avoiding leaf desiccation and a thinning of the bark as it seeks coolness and humidity. With high temperatures it is advisable to place it in the north in a cool place. The only exception is spring: in this period the bonsai should be placed in a sunny position making it grow more vigorously and producing more abundant and smaller leaves. In winter, place the pot in a sheltered area to avoid excessive cold.
WateringIn spring the irrigations must not be excessive, instead in the summer we have to water without sparing ourselves when the soil is dry. We pour water repeatedly so that even the deep layers become moist.