Japanese pine

Bonsai Pino giapponese: quanto costa e le informazioni più importanti per prendersene cura.
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Details of the bonsai
SpeciesPine tree
Bonsai typePinus pentaphylla
Bonsai styleSemi-waterfall "han-kengai"
Height without pot30 cm
Height with pot42 cm
Length32 cm
Depth36 cm
Nebari12,5 cm
Photo periodFall
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Vase details
Vase typeChinese vase
Vase authorN/D
Length20 cm
Depth20 cm
Height12 cm
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Bonsai maintenance
ExposurePines need an outdoor location with plenty of sunlight otherwise the needles will stretch out and the lower branches will weaken over time. In winter, the pines can be left outdoors however, care should be taken if temperatures drop below 0°C for extended periods.
WateringRegular watering in small quantities with good soil drainage is best. The pine bonsai root ball should not dry out excessively, but it should also not be kept too wet. In winter most pine bonsai should be protected from drying out if the ground freezes as water supply will no longer be possible.