King L 250mL

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KING L is a complete liquid fertilizer for bonsai, formulated according to an ancient Japanese recipe, using extracts of marine algae and vegetable amino acids which guarantee balanced development of the bonsai and pre-bonsai in the restarting phase of vegetative awakening. This ancient recipe activates and accelerates the plant's metabolism, promoting rooting and vegetative recovery. KING L provides the bonsai with the nutrients it needs for perfect healthy growth; it represents an excellent fertilizer for bonsai ficus ginseng, azalea, apple tree and any other type of bonsai.

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Fertilizer details

Composition: Total Nitrogen (N) 5%, of which organic Nitrogen (N) 1.5%, Nitric Nitrogen (N) 1.5%, Ureic Nitrogen (N) 2%, Phosphoric Anhydride (P205) total 5%, Anhydride Phosphoric acid (P2Os) soluble in water and neutral ammonium citrate 4.5%, Potassium oxide (K20) soluble in water 5%, Organic carbon (C) of biological origin 10%. Trace elements: Iron (Fe) soluble in water 0.04%, Iron (Fe) chelated with EDDHA 0.04%, Copper (Cu) soluble in water 0.002, Copper (Cu) chelated with EDTA 0.002%, Manganese (Mn) soluble in water 0.01%, Manganese (Mn) chelated with EDTA 0.01%, Zinc (Zn) soluble in water 0.02%, Zinc (Zn) chelated.

Methods and doses of use

Dilute a capful of product per liter of water and distribute it on the ground in the spring period (vegetative phase) every 7 days; suspend the application in the phases of vegetative rest. Shake before using.