Kiryuzuna 18L

Bonsai soil for conifers and Juniperus
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Kiryuzuna bonsai soil is a granular soil with neutral pH, which is mainly used for repotting Chamaecyparis, Pine and Juniper bonsai. For these bonsai, which are usually not repotted very frequently, it is advisable to use a substrate with a very stable structure such as Kiryu, compared to the classic soils for bonsai. Kiryuzuna has good water and air permeability and therefore allows excellent oxygenation of the roots, preventing root diseases following repotting of the bonsai. Kiryuzuna is also used as an ingredient, mixed with akadama, pumice, lapillus and pozzolana, to prepare draining substrates and with an optimal supply of microelements. Kiryuzuna also allows good development of mycorrhizae, beneficial fungi capable of absorbing nutrients from the substrate and redistributing them to the roots.
Made in: Japan