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Retirement and care

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€1.43 per 1 day(s)

SPAZIOBONSAI makes its own garden available to its customers for the care and retirement of bonsai. You can entrust us with your little tree at any time, both to restore normal vital functions, compromised by incorrect cultivation (lack of light, excess or lack of water, etc...) or by parasitic attacks, and to apply the various routine work such as transplanting, pruning, stapling, shaping. During the stay, your plant will be kept in the bonsai space in an ideal place, and treated in such a way as to satisfy any need. Even if you leave home for a few days, you can take advantage of the very convenient retirement service.

Spazio Bonsai makes its structures available for your bonsai.
The Spazio Bonsai staff offers its customers:
- professionalism and confidentiality;
- flexibility in interpreting and satisfying requests.
You can entrust us with your bonsai at any time for a real restoration of vigor.

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