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Details of the bonsai
Bonsai typePicea Abies
Bonsai styleFormal erect "chokkan"
Height without pot91 cm
Height with pot121,5 cm
Length88 cm
Depth88 cm
Nebari27 cm
Photo periodSpring
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Vase details
Vase typeChinese vase
Vase authorN/D
Length58 cm
Depth68 cm
Height30,5 cm
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Bonsai maintenance
ExposureThe fir bonsai needs a very bright position and requires exposure to the open air, so it is identified as an outdoor bonsai. In the winter months it is advisable to protect the plant from frost, covering the pot and the roots while in the warm months it is advisable to place the plant in a shaded and ventilated area, to avoid excessive drying out of the soil.
WateringIn early spring it is necessary to take particular care of watering. The fir bonsai does not tolerate stagnant water, therefore it is good practice to wait for the soil to dry evenly between one watering and another. If frosts predict in winter, it is advisable to postpone the operation or carry it out during the hottest hours; in the hot months frequent waterings must be carried out, preferably early in the morning or late in the evening.